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    Emotional Wellness Program: 12 Weeks

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    This Emotional Wellness Program will take you through the 5C formula Clarity, Coping, Confidence, Compassion. and Change,


    You and I will have twelve one-hour private weekly sessions. These sessions will allow for personalized 1:1 Life Coaching, where EFT, meditation, guided imagery, and breath-work techniques can be integrated throughout the sessions as you follow your journey to a place of self -discovery, leading you to inner peace, clarity and realizing your lifes purpose.


    Each session is designed to be relaxing, stress free, positive and enlightening as you gain, a sense of peace, calmness, clarity and self-awareness.


    Hidden strengths that you already have inside of you that perhaps you havenot have been fully utilizing will be revealed.


    You will experience personal growth and gain comfort in using your strengths in ways that serves you best in your life.


    As your Coach I will support your realistic goals and visions. Together we will explore areas that you feel are a challange to you in your personal and professional life.

    The overall goal is for you to have lasting results, and for you to progress from where you are to where you desire to be in life.



    A Quick Touch to Emotional Wellness

    Are you feeling overwhelmed? Do you have an upcoming event that is triggering stress, fear,  fight flight or freeze, nervousness  and or anxiety?

    These session(s) are designed for anyone with the need and desire to calm and release unwelcome bothersome emotional thoughts, feelings and stressors. These stressors may or may not be related to events that may commonly occur in the professional work space.


    Nervousness, fear, anxiety and stress can occur at any time, and EFT can be a soluion for you.

    Quick touch EFT is effective in the release of stress and anxiety and stressors such as an upcoming  medical/dental  procedures or an airplane flights. 

     Quick Touch EFT can help calm nervousness prior to a public speaking evgagement; performance anxiety; an important test;  first date gitters; marriage proposal, or a business meeting or interview. 

    Perhaps you need to find the courage to have a difficult conversation with close family members or friends Quick Touch EFT can help calm your tension.  


     I will do QuickTouch session(s) with you prior to the event that will help calm your stress response so that you can get through this troubling event, and productively move forward with confidence and ease.

    Enrolles in the 12 week Emotionl Wellness Program receive 2 Free 30 minute Quick Touch sessions when they need it most.
    *24 hour advance notice requested when possible.

    Investing In Your Future Self


    * Schedule your Free 30 Minute Consultation so we can discuss my programs, your needs, and desired outcome, as well as pricing options that may best fit your needs


    12 Week 5C Emotional Wellness Program Includes:
    • 12 Weekly 1:1 coaching session
    • Life Enrichment and Growth Circle
    • Unlimited Meditation, EFT, Breathwork
    • 2 Free 30 minute Quick Touch EFT sessions
    • Email access to Life Coach between sessions
    • Follow up session notes via email after each session
    Investment Amount $1,500.00
    Limited time offer join for $1,275.00

    $1,175.00 (if paid in full a time of sign up)

    Payment plan options 3 monthly payments of $425.00
    First payment due prior to start of session

    QuickTouch to Emotional Wellness

    1 Quick Touch EFT Session $60.00
    3 QuickTouch EFT Session package $150.00
    5 QuickTouch EFT Session package $240.00

    Payment Methods:

    Cash App, Zelle, Paypal

    Session Access:

    Zoom, Face Time, Skype, and Google Meet.



    *These services are in no way designed to replace the advice and or treatment prescribed by your medical doctor or mental health practitioner,but can work as an adjunct service.
    You will need clerance from your provider if you have been diagnosed or are under treatment for any severe mental health condition.


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