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    Are you Spending so much time working and taking care of others that you have forgotten to take care of you.rself?


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  • About

    Ingrid Morgan aka "Coach Morgan"

    Certified Health and Life Coach, Certified EFT Practitioner, Reiki Practitioner, Certified Stress Management Consultant, Registered Nurse.

    My purpose: is to be the light that is a source of guidance and inspiration that leads to positive lasting life changing transformation in the mind, body, and spirit of the women that knows there is more to life, wants more out of life, but lacks the confidence and or clarity on just how to make those positive changes happen.

    My mission is to help women ranging from the young adult to the seasoned and mature that are ready to shape a realistic vision for their life that is aligned with being the healthiest happiest, and most authentic version of themselves that they can be.


    My Story: A wife, a mother and a registered nurse, still I found myself desiring more out of life than the daily routine that I had fallen into. I looked great on the outside but inside I was stressed, unfilfilled, unhappy, emotionally in pain and didn't know why.

    I started in 2014 pursuing holistic studies and took my own path to spiritual and emotional wellness. I since have studied and earned certification in several different holistic modalities over the years. (Reiki, EFT, Stress Management, Meditation, and Breathwork) as well as Certification as a Health and Life Coach.

    Today I stand in a place of peace and fulfillment in my own life and in a career doing what I love to do as a Holistic Practitioner, Coach and proud founder of From Inspiration 2 Transformation LLC.

    Coming from a background of a broken home, broken dreams and promises, chilhood neglect and unhappyness, failed relationships, the stress and struggle of being a young single parent, dealing with low self-esteem, and lack of self-confidence gives me personal experience, awareness insite and understanding into the mindset and challanges faced by many women that are hurt, unfilfilled, unhappy, and struggling today.

    I am passionate and greatful for the work I get to do with women all over, helping them heal, getting past the old hurts and emotional wounds that life's challanges has taken them through, while bringing them to a place of reconnection with self,and claiming of their purpose, peace and power.


    Book your free Inquiry call with me today if you are intrested in learning more about truly becoming the confident, beautiful authentic, feminine godess that you desire to be, and were created to be.

    You do not have to go through this this alone.



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    What Actual Clients Are Saying



    I had a fear of going to the dentist and was desperately in need of having dental work done. After 2 "Tapping" EFT sessions with Ingrid I was able to undergo the necessary treatment with ease and did not experience my usual fear and panic during the appointment. - Donna C.



    Ingrid's coaching and EFT technique got to the core issue of the barriers that were creating relationship issues in my life. I am a new person and am making positive changes in my life that are noticed by those around me. - M. Z.


    Ingrid is both skillful and highly gifted! She demonstrated that as she coached me through a very stressful time in my life and I am forever grateful. -Debra P.


    Thank you, Ingrid, this is the kind of help I need, I'm signing up for more sessions. - Kim K.


    I really appreciate you and it has been such a blessing to be able to get some amazing tapping sessions and overall coaching support from you. I will continue using these amazing tools that I now have to add to my spiritual toolbox. You are a phenomenal woman with amazing skills and intuition. -Skyla N.


    I had the pleasure of working with Ingrid to clear one of my emotional blocks that was holding me back, and I will be forever grateful. Ingrid is a wonderful coach that really cares for her clients and her EFT knowledge and skills are amazing. I highly recommend her if you are looking to make positive changes in your life. - Christina B.


    Ingrid helped me beyond what I imagined possible. Through her Emotional Wellness Coaching and EFT Program I learned to love myself and understand some stressful issues that I was constantly dealing with in my life. My life is so much more peaceful now and I have no intention or thoughts of resuming old habits, you are the best. -Kellie G.


    Ingrid is a life changer! I met her through my Reiki practitioner, and I knew instantly that I wanted to try EFT. I was in a place in my life where I was fully committed to my health and needed help. I just didn't know what type of help. I never heard of EFT but I like to try new things. I thought I was only receiving EFT, but her life coaching mixed with EFT actually started to help me with my confidence, public speaking, femininity along with many other things that helped me get to a place I desired mentally and emotionally for years. The results were so quick that I immediately referred my friends and family to her. What I love the most is her genuineness and her calming energy. -Elisa C.


    At times we could all use some encouragement and a different way of seeing ourselves. Ingrid is such a great educator and helps us learn how to get more out of life and love! She helped me see things so much differently! _Kelley G.


















    What is EFT aka Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping?


    Who could benefit from EFT?



    Anyone that desires to live a life that is emotionally and physically healthier could benefit from EFT.


    Emotional Freedom Technique, aka EFT, is a form of Acupuncture "without the needles". It is also referred to as "Psychological Acupuncture." It is a non-invasive and painless technique performed by lightly tapping on the Meridian pressure points throughout the upper body with your fingertips with specific focus being given to the situation that is considered to be the stressor that you are facing in your life currently or due to troubling memories from the past .



    EFT is a highly focused energy psychology technique that can help lessen the body's response to new or old stressor allowing for a more peaceful state of emotional well-being.


    It is an evidence-based practice and proven to be extremely effective in clearing emotional discomfort created by common daily stressors. It is also highly effective in reducing the emotional response triggers and blocks to deeper emotionally painful events or memories that you may have experienced recently, or you may have been holding inside for a long time.


    Because the body's response to the core traumatic or stressful event may have been suppressed and not fully delt with, over time it may show up in your life in the form of symptoms such as: anger, anxiety, depression, fear, phobias, guilt, shame, doubt, low self-esteem, or even physically in the form of body pain, illness and disease.


    Resolving the core issue or root cause of the problem through the use of EFT with a skilled EFT Practitioner can put you on the path to a life of emotional wellness, with a more peaceful mind, body and spirit.


    *I assure you that you will have my full guidance in this process should you make the decision to allow me to assist you on your journey to emotional wellness.




    What is a Life Coach /Life Coaching?


    Who is coaching for?




    A Life Coach is a wellness professional trained to provide a safe, nonjudgemental, confidential space for the client to clarify the personal goals and desires that they have for their life.


    A Life Coach helps the client get clarity on how they desire to live,why they desire to live a certain lifestyle, and what the obstacles are that are holding them back from having the kind of life they truly want.


    A Life Coach facilitates and guides the client through compassionate, motivational and thought provoking sessions that helps the client gain new insights, and deep revelations into themselves. These discoveries enables the client to pull forward and expand upon their unique skills, gifts and strengths that they already have inside of them and provide an opportunity for developing new ideas and desires.


    A Life Coach holds space for the client's realistic vision that they have for their life and holds the client accountable for self- discovery and the willingness to overcome limiting beliefs and self-limiting behaviors that no-longer serve them well on this new journey to their desired life.


    A life Coach is supportive and encouraging in the client's development of a healthy practice of self-love, as they step into a place of quiet confidence and authenticity, transitioning from the old way of being into the future person that they desire to be and believe they truly can be.


    Life Coaching is appropriate for any person from any walk of life desiring to have a more balanced life centered on having personal peace, purpose, positivity and clarity on how to live the life they desire to live.


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    What Does a Certified Stress Management Consultant Do?


    Who can benefit from stress management ?



    A Certified Stress Management Consultant

    (SMC- C) is a trained professional that can help the client identify areas in his or her daily life that are triggers for increased unhealthy levels of stress and provide education and guidance to the client on relaxation techniques such as meditation, breathwork, and mindfulness.


    The SMC-C also educates the client about the adverse effects that prolonged unhealthy stress has on the body and the correlation with illness and disease.


    Any person seeking guidance and coping skills that can help reduce the bodys response to daily stressors and feelings of overwhelm, and have the desire to pursue a healthier way of life can benefit from working with a stress management consultant.


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